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Children in today’s high technology/computer-use-based environment no longer have to worry about diarrhea a preventable illness caused by the absence of clean water in most cases. There are however still diseases such as Sudden Infant death (SID), malnutrition, malaria, measles, COVID-19, and other manmade synthetic viruses they have to contend with. There is also the danger of synthetic drug overdose and so on.

In addition to all these, there are new non-disease-related issues including those related to the new challenges posed by computer use, gun violence, chemicals, and other environmental issues and so on.

Child neglect seems to be on the decline due to efforts by governments in most nations to establish government-backed mechanisms to monitor the activity of parents and guardians and to prosecute adults involved in child trafficking and pornography Only time will tell if these measures have really been adequate in preventing huge mental health and other developmental challenges

While a huge swath of the human lifetime developmental foundation is built at the fetal and infant/under the 1-year-old stage, A specific look at the age 1 through 5 bands where the third level of lifetime developmental foundations are built provides a very interesting picture.

While as adults it is impossible for us to remember what happened at the fetal or infant/under 1-year stages we can all remember things from when we were in the 1-4 band level.

For many of us who are adults today, we can look back at our lives and realize that a lot of our health and behavioral coping or non-coping abilities were developed or not developed in early childhood. We can all individually evaluate the evidence in our personal lives, It is therefore troubling that as decision-makers we adults have not been more successful than we are today at protecting these children.

 We know many of the issues and can guess at many of the solutions yet we find ourselves incapable of making the right decisions for the health and wellbeing of future adults who will determine how today’s adult will fare in old age regardless of whether we personally have children or not.

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s decision-makers and their decisions will determine the health and well-being of today’s decision-makers in the future. This fact should be food for thought when we are faced with issues that could potentially affect their future ability or inability to take the right decisions.

The question we should pose to ourselves should be – “How will this issue affect the decision-making capabilities of tomorrow’s adults and leaders whose decisions will determine the quality of life of today’s adults in the future? Will it develop or hamper good judgment, will it create an overwhelming number of challenged adults, will today’s pleasures turn to tomorrow’s sorrow” and so on?

Let me help us with some past decisions that are responsible for today’s challenges.

  1. There was a generation of adults that convinced mothers that breast milk was dangerous for babies in a bid to sell baby formulas. It was based on economic greed. The crusade to get every baby off breast milk and unto formulas was a global one in a bid to expand the market it was also to create a market for children’s drugs arising from childhood challenges resulting from the absence of immune system and neurotransmitter foundational building blocks only available in breastmilk that has entire lifetime health consequences..

The pleasure of the adults was the only consideration without regard for the fact that these children would be the decision-makers of the future.

The result of that ill-advised decision by adults has resulted in health challenges for the generations deprived of breastmilk which is the natural perfect low-cost food and medicine.

Consequently the coping capabilities and low immune system levels of many of today’s adults can be traced to those decisions made by yesterday’s adults

  • There was a generation of adults that introduced the idea of developing synthetic sicknesses and diseases as an economy-boosting enterprise, they started a trend that brought us measles, chicken pox, smallpox, COVID 19, and so on

This was Pandora’s box that should never have been opened as it is an enterprise of normalizing murder for economic gain.

Developing a disease and then trying to develop vaccines to control it as a means of creating economic prosperity is a darkness that always fails in both the short and long run.

In today’s world, we seem stuck with this mindset that past generations who came up with and implemented this idea never dreamed of or maybe they did and reckoned they would not be around to face the music. Unfortunately many elderly were affected by the last pandemic.

  • There was a generation that decided to turn the world into a tiered system of wealth. They deceived governments in today’s less developed countries who were wealthy at the time, especially in today’s sub-Saharan Africa where many of today’s agricultural resources were grown.

These nations were lured into abandoning age-old agricultural practices with the incentive of freebies and aid that introduced experimental seeds and fertilizers and herbicides in a bid to create a global market for these products

The aid was however not free, they introduced sickness and diseases into those nations. The aid givers then showed up with medications to sell to these nations.

In addition, these nations were encouraged to sell agricultural products at a low price but purchase finished products made from these same agricultural products, not at value-added prices, but at full cost so that the aid-giving nations got the agricultural raw materials free thereby impoverishing these nations who they lured into taking developmental loans with a false promise to turn them into industrial giants.  

These nations bought into all they were told without verifying. They did not realize the wealth they thought other nations had was fake and ginned up based on thin air money conjuring deficit financing much like today’s cryptocurrency but on a more sophisticated and larger scale..

These deceived nations did not inflate their GDP or use deficit financing but actual wealth but were being compared to nations who were not really wealthy but who had artificially inflated their figures to look wealthy.

This is the basis of the tiered economic system and poverty we have today. It was engineered for economic gains.

The deceived nations found themselves unable to maintain the health of the adults and consequently the children and were deceived into changing many of their systems and practices that worked.

Today, they are dependent on aid, are still being pilfered, and have many preventable child health issues due to poverty they are being prevented from rising out of.

This is where part I ends we will conclude this discussion in the next blog.

As we can see, economic greed gotten by dark activities of deception and self-sabotage only has a fleeting gain if at all.

We are all in the world today at a resultant crossroads of grave decision-making and mental health deficiency yesterday’s adults never anticipated …. To be continued in part II

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