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Today’s chaotic world is overwhelming. There is a continual flow of bad news. Meanwhile, despite all the confusion and lack of production, the stock market is declaring an upward swing. We can see that the economy is not doing well but we are told all is well though we can all see and feel it that all is not well.

This conflict between reality and that which is being presented to us in a bid to calm us down is having the exact opposite effect. When you know something is badly wrong but are being told everything is okay, it takes a heavy toll on human mental and physical health.

Consequently, we are seeing an uptick in opioid overdose as people try to escape the mental anguish of not knowing what is going on and fearing the collapse that can palpably be seen on the horizon.

With the huge deficit financing bills, most countries have meaning there are no rich countries everyone is poor as no one can pay what they owe and just borrow even more to just pay the interest it is really bleak. There is nothing backing the monies being spent.

Everyone is looking for prosperity in poverty and it seems everything is closing in and the bubble can burst any moment. When that is coupled with the never-ending pandemic and the negative climatic consequences of human space adventure and space satellite junk that cannot in truth be disposed of without serious damage to everything on earth, everyone’s stress level goes up as nothing makes sense anyone.

There is enough space junk to so damage the waters and the soil everywhere to ensure the people on the earth never have a good quality of life again if they are disposed of by blowing them up.

This means the evil of the so-called advanced technology is catching up upon the humans responsible in their lifetime.

The promised prosperity is not as poverty which deficit financing really is cannot produce real wealth it can only produce a mirage. A mirage is make-belief and can burst without warning as all the careful calculations fail. The fear of this happening is one of the reasons for today’s dilemma.

Then we have wars and rumors of wars. We seem to have arrived at Biblical times when we are told our Maker says he will exact punishment for the wanton destruction that has been unleashed by humans.

How did Noah survive and how can we too survive that is the question. We have decided to try to help us all by starting a podcast we have name PRECIPICE where we talk about some of these issues. We started last week and now have 2 episodes. You can access the podcast website HERE.

Our manual for existence on the earth we call the Scripture tells us that this time there will not be a flood but there will be fire. Fire can be problems, health issues, climatic problems – hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat, and so on. Fire can also be unsurmountable global poverty such as we are in now, breakdown of everything, real fires apocalyptic level fires with human experimentation discovery science producing pandemic no one needs in order to stimulate production.

This is actually mass murder in disguise. Being required to accept this as normal is real damage to human mental and physical health. It is impossible for it to produce the prosperity being sought as it is really the shedding of innocent blood. It is biological warfare by the peoples on the earth upon themselves and consequently a war no one can win.

Humans today seem on the path of continuous fires looking for a way out of the self-inflicted global weakness and poverty. Since it is humans hurting themselves, the solution is for humans to stop. It however seems humans have gone beyond the point of voluntary self-correction.

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