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Contd from part 1… This post is a continuation of an earlier post and requires the reader to be conversant with the content of the first post.

Humans never came to a realization that they were human computers before man-made computers came in. and could not recognize their relationship with our maker in their relationship with the computer. We failed to realize that humans are not in charge. To get a better understanding of this post please read part 1 first and then come back to this post.

The limited understanding of our relationship with our maker contained in the manual for human existence we call Scriptures was conveniently lost. People could not relate themselves to nature and the need to take care of it. People turned away from the truth of Scripture to the more convenient make-believe of television. The darkness was portrayed as light by the television At first good was promoted on television so people grew up with some sense of good but as things shifted to the need for a larger audience and the need to bring in children en mass, the young mind of children was exploited.

The mind of the child wants constant change that comes with motion so for example children like to stand in the rain, watch cars moving, going about in fast cars, etc. Their young minds like and want continuous motion as that changes the scene before them continuously

When the computers came along people were already self-programmed into avoiding uncomfortable truth and always seeking to avoid maturity. Joining secret societies for example a way to avoid the inconvenient truth of the requirement for truth and accountability as required by our maker. Secret societies promoted darkness and a false sense of being in charge. Now computers provided another escape which was further exploited when the internet came up.

The truth is that when new technology comes up the excuse for getting everyone hooked up is always the lure of more convenience and a lie about its costs. Because people want to escape responsibility and inconvenience at all costs we all buy into it.

With computers and the internet came an unlimited amount of escape routes into the convenient world of make-belief.

The cost is the depletions of various neurotransmitters and nutrients normally necessary for self-control, empathy true clear thinking, maturity, stress and truth handling, and so on critical to the human ability to handle the ups and downs of life

For children this is particularly harmful as that stage of life depends on the acceptance of peers for self-fulfillment and happiness. Social media and especially those that promote audiovisual postings such as Instagram can be weaponized against children especially girls who are extremely self-conscious and just becoming aware of their bodies.

In so-called less developed countries where guns and secret societies were not prominent, the human thrived with little violence and no need for a police force before the advent of television, computers and subsequently the internet and social media. Today these societies have become like everywhere else.

We are all abusers of social media and have made the good it can do become totally overshadowed by the evil and darkness making it a weapon of mass destruction for evil on the earth. This is not what this very important coping tool should have come to. What we heard from the whistleblower is common knowledge that did not need research. The fact that it needed research to get people to even consider it is very troubling. It means adults are so bent on evil that they would trade children’s well-being for profits so long as they think they can keep theirs safe.

We are in a very dark place where people are so depleted in the inhibitory neurotransmitters that enable exercise self-control, discern between good and evil and cope with the realities of life we accept the preying on the children we profess to love. Looking for a way to justify the destruction of the lives of other adults or children should not even be a boardroom discussion.

The ugly truth is that this is what transpires as business as usual in many board rooms all over the world as many of the various products and activities in today’s world are only produced for the destruction of other humans e.g. developing viruses in the name of research so that we can build an economy on the search for a solution, going to space knowing it would pollute the atmosphere in space and make life on earth unbearable and then holding hearings and looking for a solution to turn the result of our actions around instead of stopping the offending acts. Now space travel is for leisure. Humans have deceived themselves that our maker and the earth at whose please humans are here will do nothing.

Climate change and COVID 19 are the first steps in the self-correction of nature. It means we stop and change or get wiped out. Those thinking getting wiped out would be okay so long as it is not they themselves are in for a surprise – they are the ones that will get wiped out.

Why are we so aware something is wrong but have limited desire or strength to change or want to change it. We know we should if only for the children we profess to love. We the adults have been so long in this way and have become so depleted in the neurotransmitters responsible for making us empathetic that we are unable to make decisions that result in our own good or the good of others.

We want to feel good and so we deceive ourselves that the future will take care of itself automatically. Unfortunately, in a coded system, the future depends on the past, It is a buildup on the past.

Consequently, in today’s world, the future is here and has not taken care of itself. Like any other computer, it is garbage in and garbage out.

We need to step back from the precipice and understand that all our decisions as humans affect every other creature including all other humans. Our maker is the only one whose definition of things matter and we have to get back to his own definition to continue to be part of His system.

The alternative to the loneliness that social media provides is both good and potentially devastating if mishandled as we can all see. Good if used in limited fashion so it does not take over and control our lives preventing us from facing the realities in life so we do not mature and remain children unable to handle uncomfortable truth only interested in getting rid of our discomfort in any way possible. This could lead to violence such as the January 6th insurrection arising from people unable to handle unfavorable election results and seeking solace in social media which provided them with a comfortable bubble that could be available 24 hours.

We know what that led to it – It was an attempt to change the outcome to what we want so the reality is like what we have when chatting with like-minded people on social media with no dissenting voice to challenge our various false narratives. We want the comfort zone of social media we can control and bend to our will to be replicated in nature. Nature cannot bend to us we must bend to nature as designed by the maker of the system who is Holy and Truth and created a system of holiness and truth. In fact, everything else in nature follows that pattern the only corrupter and polluter is the human.

This is where I am going to stop. I have already written more than anyone can handle at once. Let us all chew on this and step back from the precipice. The earth is a good place Nature is our friend. Let us not be the arch-enemy of the earth. Let us take our place in humility instead of trying to bend the unbendable. Let us acknowledge our limits as human computers and fall in line with the design of our system.

If you have become troubled by what you have read and what the future holds, do not despair remember we are part of a coded system. Consequently, the way out is coded for individuals, groups, and so on. You can find your own way back from the precipice by acknowledging the problem on a personal basis. If you have not read Part I go back and read it to get a full picture. Meanwhile, understand that the problem is twofold – the spiritual angle related to our relationship with our maker, and the second is a physiological deficiency in neurotransmitters and nutrients that is inherent in computer use that diminishes our ability to make the right decisions for our own good.

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